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The Data Portal for German Marine Research is a product of the Marine Network for Integrated Data Access (MaNIDA) funded cooperatively by the Helmholtz Association. Our consortium aims to implement a sustainable e-infrastructure for coherent discovery, view, download and dissemination of marine research data. For further information see

The data portal brings together data from different German Marine Research Institutes in an automated way (machine readable). For the first time a huge amount of marine data sets are commonly made searchable with direct access and without any registration procedure. Currently we are able to provide access to metadata and data from these partner institutes: AWI, BSH, GEOMAR, HZG and MARUM.

It's a beta version: not yet harmonized – but up-to-date access

The data sets are physically drawn from different sources and are actually maintained and updated at different institutes. Hence data sets are delivered in a provider specific manner - but presently accessible and up-to-date. Therefore you don't have to wait years for harmonization issues. Together with our scientific community and our data providers we work continuously on standardization, classification and international linking (

No obligations – but lots to gain

We are happy to deliver this commonly built-up service to our scientific community without any obligation. Thus the data portal cannot be made responsible for the topicality, correctness, completeness or quality of the information provided and all offers are non-binding. Since the portal evolves over time any parts of the content or the complete site including all information will be changed continuously by the operating institutions without separate announcement.

Data citation as good scientific practice

The scientific community depends on your good scientific practice and behaviour. In this sense please cite the data sets you download and use with the appropriate citation given by the data provider and always provide the data set handle or DOI along with the citation for sustainable tracking.

We need your feedback

Please help us with your feedback in order to improve the functionality, the services and contents of the "Data Portal German Marine Research". Take a few minutes for suggestions by using our feedback form.

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